Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fairy Goodmother

 I am a Faerie Goodmother,
My calling is through Nature, Dreams and Art.
I work for the Good of the Whole
through a combination of these parts.
I work for a Balance in Nature
Part of how I do this
is writing poetry for you.

I've written many little poems
about plants of the earth,
that we might come to know
of their invaluable worth;
some you may recognize
but I am not sure if you'll know
of the many benefits they can provide for us
as we live and grow...



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Monday, August 20, 2012

Saul Idago


Saul Idago
brought up again
to his kin, Aaron, in a letter
his undying dream of flying

in a ship with lacy wings
gears and things
that spun and whirled
about silently

except when
one could see
and hear
small explosions of gas

that would propel all forward
(no need to be worried)
as it would rise up
3 to 8 feet only with each blast.

So then, there’d be no fear of falling
for if it did happen
and one found oneself thrown
to the ground,

It’d be quick and somewhat light.
as from this miniscule height
there shouldn’t be much of a wound
to be found.

He further wrote,
This would be a ship
you could relax in
maybe take a nap
once or twice a day

It would promote healing
as it would serve as a repose
from daily dealings
Would I kid you?  .Nay!

Let us stimulate our lives here
Cast a golden spear
Set a date well before
Summer’s Farewell

to begin building a ship
not an ordinary one, it
would fly, and be painted
a vibrant brilliant yellow,

to signify
this luminescent idea,
wouldn’t you agree
especially once
it’s all off the ground

By my own insight
I’m sure it can take flight
Do not unjustly accuse me
of not being sound.

Can I influence you at all
Come on now, join in with young Saul
Match your thoughts up
together with mine.

It’s a fresh new idea
leave it to me, I’ll
soar on through with it
positively in time.

Now his kin, Aaron’s rode
in all kinds, it’s told
of ships,
but only those buoyant
upon the water

So when he heard
these words,
he thought the idea
and so sat down to
answer the letter.

Let this dream die, boy
forget it, oh I do say
Let it go the way
of the Dodo Bird

This ship would not be fit
with such a strange engine, it
would be as a storm
packed full of trouble.

Well, like stone, this kid Idago
 took the news
one to one, quite cold,
but then he became
rather hot

And though wounded
his feelings may have been
Did he let go of the dream?
I do dare say, “Not!”

He got up early
many hours
before anything
was fully opened
day upon day
on his own

To observe, study, and draw
everything he saw
that had ever floated, glided
or flown.

His kin Aaron, did ease up
on expressing his own thoughts
once he saw how determined
the boy became.

In fact,
he added scientific knowledge,
and modified what he could
to the drawings of the plans
that Saul made.

He then left the final rendition
and the building
to the boy’s imagination
hoping in the end he’d be able to say,

“Whoopy, he got off the ground!
I knew it all along
It’s the making of a historical day!

Meanwhile he could count on Ester
if he asked her, to make a most delicious tea
It was while doing so, I’ll have you know
he heard a sound that rose up his curiosity.

So much so, he let his tea go, cold
which bugged this lady considerably
but he had to know what made such  a sound so,
he got up and took his leave.

When out of the forest clearing
then down through the meadow
and up onto the roadside

came an apparition with lacy wings
gears and things
that spun and whirled
about silently

except when now and again
one could see and, then
small explosions of gas

that propelled all up and forward
as Saul Idago pushed and pulled
on the buttons and gears
that helped cause the blast.

“Whoopy, he got off the ground!
I knew it all along”, cheered Aaron
as he hopped, skipped, and ran all the way

to get a closer view, of this ship
and his young nephew,
making this a
most historical day!



Within the writing of this poetry
are hints that act as memory hooks
to help one to recall
some of the properties
of a plant,
plus its uses and looks.

If you'd like to hear them
as I am often on the wing,
You may contact me through
this address (
then I'll give you a ring.


Gobo gobo


Gobo, Barbane ‘n Hardock
Arctium lappa, Clotburr,
Gobo, Gobo

Bardana, Hareburr, Burdock
Turkey Burr Seed, Harlock
Burr burr, Burr burr

Long fleshy taproot,
Hooked-bracted flower heads that do
Hitch-hike, Hitch-hike

Rhubarb-like heart-shaped leaves
Thick stalks that can to grow six feet
but hollow, hollow

Peel these stalks before the flower heads
have enlarged and then like asparagus
you can eat them raw
or boiled in a broth
stir-fried with carrots
and soy sauce, yes, soy sauce

Similar in taste to Salsify
a French cuisine well known and liked
Ce’Bon, Ce’ Bon...

.. (to be continued,
LIVE, your event or mine)


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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Her name was Azulene
  as her eyes were the bluest of blue
Some said she soon be Queen
 while others spat things
  that weren’t at all, at all, true,

“She’s the Devil’s plaything”
they whispered, then shouted
from their grey-green narrow doors
“It’s all because of her bright ideas”,
they expleted,
“We’ll forever be pitted
in sanguinary wars!

She’s trying to supplant Queen Nina
Did you see the lady’s mantle that she wore
as she rode the early stage coach
with General Tauhnic beside her
right up to Noble Yarrauh’s door.

It’s embroidered with a thousand leaves
and has piles and piles of divine pearls sewn on,
Unlike the emperor’s new clothes
the children do see this
extraordinary cloth.

Well, one knows all this fashion’ll do is amuse ‘cause,
as it is bestowed by Noble Yarrauh
she will become a meal for him
just another small pocket to go in
I’ll say, “Tut tut, black soot ‘n apples.”

I’s more irritated as she caused
Prince Hederich
to suffer an awful nose bleed
and many of our relations
scalds and burns
from boiling water that was heaved
from a cauldron over the parapet;
this bath serving as a solution
to pour upon those
shouting and banging at her door
for an impromtu lynching.

Well now it appears she hems in her rages
beneath an umbrella of tiny white flowers
holding them demurely, like a thousand seals
at her heart, while I believe
she brews up an apparition of female troubles.

Yes, she cast an incantation
to ensure seven years of love
We saw her sprinkle old man’s pepper
in a circle by the Ragweed
upon a golden ground.

We saw her through the oculus,
 in a pasture, with her dog, Daisy at her skirt
She wore a large ring with a white arrow
 probably to bring
forth a child’s birth

Now the men do goggle at her
bloom’in June right to September
looking all hot and bothered
warm and sweating,
about their collars.

 “Come now!”, called Knight Milfoil
entering the center of the gathering crowd,
“Surely this talk is just jealous fevers
Lower the pressure, relax
Get some rest, break it up
Give all at least 24 hours.

But still they continued pouring forth
each their own peculiar
thoughts and accusations
driving all up to a feverish pitch
When really, all was just speculation.

Anna Steasiah should’ve been chosen
on that fair mid-summer day,
when the dew was drying in the early morning sun
She should’ve been the chosen one
by Prince Hederich to become first lady.

But then there came Milly Foyin,
repelling as an ornery gargoyle
she the reason for the
brute operation
that brought a cauldron of water to boil.

Gordaldo & Gordoloba piped in
with their own two cents
in a chorus they snidely chimed together,
“She also strong smelling,
with lips bitter tasting,
nothing more than a thrombotic wench.

Prince Hederich felt like he died a bit then
when he caught wind of
these prattling incriminations,
“I should tie these fools together
with the toughest of leather
for their outrageous vicious fabrications”.

Yes it’s true I suffered a nose bleed
and over 85 of our relations,
are caught within pocket wars,
but this has nothing to do with a lady’s incantaion
(or my own private personal relations)
of this your can rest, assured.

He pushed his way within the heat of them all
despite the fact
the news had previously stopped him cold
with the hope that this fever would soon break up
once his thoughts and feelings to the crowd were told.

Yes, it’s true that Anna Steasiah
should’ve been chosen
on that fair mid-summer day
when the dew was drying,
but listen now, I’m not lying
you’ll see,
in the end
all will be much better
this other way.

Till then all will be intense until I
plan a way out of these pocket wars;
Meanwhile, do go back in time
remember how fine
our lives were
when we lived out our
ideas of a man’s true role.

Do keep the peace,
build strong bridges
though the truth can really ache
repel vicious rumours
don’t be rash or
behave like sore losers
please, for our dear
Queen Nina’s sake.

In then came Noble Yarrow
wrapped in emotions
that visibly ebbed and flowed
as he expressed what was upon his mind
while trying to be kind
to bring all this commotion to a close.

Do please lower the blood pressure,
arrest this hemorrhaging,
circulate amongst yourself
some pain relief,
make not a scape-goat of
dear Azulene.

Stop shouting bull at her,
Tell me, what’s the matter
with you all, especially
you two carpenter’s, you’re crass!

Rinse all thoughts from your minds
that are terribly unkind
They are causing many
to feel aghast.

 Azulene only begged for reconsideration
concerning our relations
in regard to the new borderlines planned.

She’s not trying to supplant Queen Nina
they’re best of friends, you see
and she’s much too dear
within her heart to do that.

This situation has become too volatile
and though I know it’s good for you and I
to expel a bit of gas now and then
Let us do clear the air
No more contribute here
to the effluvium
Let us go home.

This unexpected bit of humour
opened the door to laughter
which then had a soothing effect
So they began to trickle home
and from thereon
kept the peace
for Queen Nina’s sake.


Within the writing of this poetry
are hints that act as memory hooks
to help one to recall
some of the properties
of a plant,
plus its uses and looks.

If you'd like to hear them
as I am often on the wing,
You may contact me through
this address (
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Caesar's Recommendation

There is a story
   of the Stinging Nettle
that may or may not
   make you chuckle.

sO listen now,
  for here I go
It could be fun
  (you never know!)

In the days of England,
  Ancient Olde
When the Romans landed
  It is told

  Because of their skirts
and very short breeches
  made for the sun,
sand and the beaches

That this exposed their legs
   to England’s cold damp air
They began to freeze
  much to their despair


Quick-witted Caesar
   gave the recommendation
to rub their legs
  for the hot sensation

With handfuls of Nettles
loaded with prickles and pins
to rub them, yes, vigorously,
  upon their shins.

Now, who would’ve thought
  that this idea from Caesar
Would make their legs burn
  like a regular heater!


Within the writing of many of these poems
are hints that act as memory hooks
to help one to recall
some of the properties
of a plant,
plus its uses and looks.

If you'd like to hear them
as I am often on the wing,
You may contact me through
this address (
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Willowy Wickopy

Who would’ve thought
such a match could be made,
…the Wickopy boy
with the daughter
of the Primrose Family.

Herb, whose father must toil
from morning to night
courting a girl whose family
owns practically everything
in sight.

Yet we saw them one evening,
riding horseback
over hill and dale,
Sally rode side-saddle,
by the stream
along Deerhorn trail.

They then veered off to follow
the new wilderness road
into the woodlands,
that are now being heavily logged.

The loggers heard Herb yell “Fire’em up!”
Let’s see what these fillies can do,
I’ll race you to the top, Sal…
You owe me dessert if you lose!...

“…One sweet as nectar, my honey,
but, if I lose by chance,
I promise I’ll make you laugh
by doing a bunny dance.”

Bloomin’ all summer long,
they returned
to play these games
alternating between them
which one would win.

Heedless of others
and all that they thought
whether they rubbed them
the wrong way, they cared

As they were smitten,
waterproofed, insulated
within their love pod
as if carried by the wind
spiraling high above.

It left one wondering
how the father
hadn’t a clue,
but when the news hit,
Oh, how he put on a show!

“Pile ‘o warts!” he shouted,
“He’s as good as fodder.
How dare he nibble
at the skirt
of my only dear daughter!

This he sees ‘cause he’s so green…
as the cat’s meow
Shoot! I’ll root
this problem out,
no more
will he come to call!

Men’s brains…
oh, how
they do stir up trouble
how dare he choose her,
he makes my blood boil!

You’d think he’d have courted
Emma Tique instead,
brought his affections
to all altitudes
for them to wed.

But no, rumour has it,
it is him who piles his fever
upon my daughter,
This woeful joining
I adamantly vow to alter.

I’ll pull all ties to those  
I know who can help
from the Soviet Union, North America
and all across Europe.

Boy, I’ll make a cure,
I’ll burn and sweep all over this land.
I’ll spin into the scene,
five of my briskest kin

They’ll help in finishing it…
all this fluff and stuff
doggon’it, I call Queen Charlott
we’ll undo all
that’s been cloaked
and spun.

Had I only gotten wind of this sooner
before it went from a molehill to a mountain
before it germinated and spread
outta hand like a wildfire.

I’da pounded the root
right to the fiber
I’da split the stem open
dipped ‘im in oil

this leather-faced chap
for my sweet daughter
would’ve learned quickly
that he aught to choose another

He hasn’t the inner pith
worthy of her hand
in marriage
With the land swelling
with so many others
he ought to extract
one of them instead!

Now though the girl’s father did bulge
so tightly with hot indignation
that we thought he might burst
Well, he had no power in the end

As Willowy Wickopy
and Tall Slender Sally
bound their love together quite tightly
and so then finally

all stood side by side
tall, and erect
as Sally’s father gave her away
to be bound in marriage

Yet all the while
one could see his teeth
grinding minutely
still, he did not refute them

His demeanor did soften somewhat
during the father/daughter dance
as she slowly spiraled around
like a vision of one floating on air

in her dress of  layer upon layer
of fine silk gossamer veils
with a pattern of blossoms
fully opened at the bottom
that changed as they spiralled

up and around the dress
getting smaller and closing up
until they became ribbon buds
fastened at the shoulders on top

This is the end of the story
though a strange one it might be,
I’ll tell you another one day
over a cup of tea!


Within the writing of this poetry
are hints that act as memory hooks
to help one to recall
some of the properties
of a plant,
plus its uses and looks.

If you'd like to hear them
as I am often on the wing,
You may contact me through
this address (
then I'll give you a ring.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Prickly Puzzle

I’ve a puzzle to propose to you
about the Scottish, with a little hint, too,
in that the answer involves the Danes;
So if you please do kindly listen,

Why do you suppose
from some of the flowers
that Scotland could choose
for their emblem,
amongst some others, like

Daisies, Buttercups, Forget-Me-Knots,
Lilies, Poppies, Teasel, Phlox,
Fleabane, Bloodroot, Pussy Toes,
Harebells, Blues Bells, and Yarrow,
Blue-eyed Mary, Bouncing Bet,
Indian Pipe, Bride’s Bonnet,
Arrowhead, Fever Few, Lizard Tail,
Black-Eyed Susie, Solomon’s Seal,
Camas, Water Cress, Snow-on-the-Mountain,
Ox-eye Daisy, Pokeweed, Trillium,
Pearly Everlasting, Morning Glory…

Again, so now what could be the story
that would prompt Scotland
to choose from all the flowers without a prickle,
the Cirsium vulgare, (in other words),
the Speary Thistle?

(I will tell you!…)

... (to be continued,
LIVE, your event or mine)


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(at) yahoo (dot) ca